Hero's Page:


Lieutenant: La' Shanda R Jones

United States Coast Guard:

Born in Plainfield,NJ and raised in Fayetteville, NC, Lieutenant Jones Joined the Coast

Guard in 2005,through the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative CSPI Scholarship Program. In 2007, she graduated from Spelman College .With a 

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Lieutenant Jones graduated from Officer Candidate

School May 2008, At the age of 25, Mrs. Jones completed Flight school 94% average

earned her coveted 'Wings of Gold', She Serves as the first African American Female to fly helicopters in the United States Coast Guard and only the second African American female Aviator in United States Coast Guard History "She Rocks!"

With 7 years of service in the Coast Guard, more than 700 hours of flying the 

MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter, just recently upgraded to First Pilot,Lieutenant Jones

has demonstrated exceptional performance in areas of academics,professionalism

community service. Numerous Public Speakings,Media Jet,Ebony and Talon Magazine

Articles, she can be contacted for Public Speakings On Request, From This Site info.

Sgt: Kevin Edwards

U.S.ARMY-Go army Hoorah!

Born: Detroit 

M.O.S.-Electrician, Construction Engineer ( Guy is Smart!)

Training: Weapon's Various, Hand to Hand and Jump School Training

Airbourne. Engineer's Are well needed, from Construction sometime's working with the Navy Seabee's oversea's Building restoring and assisting

communitie's to rebuild and restore. and their trained in combat, Sgt; Edwards Joined the Army  Engineer's in 2005 at the age of 23 , leaving  from hard street's of to hit  37 TH Engineer's Company in training at  Fort Bragg  and be later Mounted out to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Later upgrading to different duty station's and job's camp's to join the one and only Airbourne Ranks , which he had to jump out of airplane's to build and fight

and other details which included Boarder patrol on US Boarders, Edwards is now stationed with the  fighting 84th Engineer's  and showing his friend's picture's  and  THE True Hero's He Roll's with the 84th Engineer's are  THE REAL DEAL!!..


Hero's  and serving our

country so PROUDLY..!!