The following depicts only a peek into my life as a Adult Film performer and Life [ My book is forthcoming]

My career in the porn industry started late  Summer of 1998. Prior to this I was in the United States Navy, Seabee's I served in the Navy for about 7 years of honorable service. Various duties as a young petty officer 3rd class. Combat training overseas. Working in some humanitarian events overseas during hurricanes and few disasters while stationed overseas. Assisting military families or community villages in  time of need.

I had many friends from US Navy Seals and few US Marines stationed overseas a brotherhood not to many could have and I would never see even this day. I trained in Boxing and Martial Arts for many years even to this day.

My military service was a honorable discharge after 7 years of service, however, my civilian life was turned into struggle. When I left the military in 1989. I settled in Southern California. My plan was to pursue a career in Law Enforcement in the early 1990's

But struggled to find work. I was flat broke, single homeless and at the lowest point in my life.

So I Ventured out to become an aspiring stunt actor, but I quickly found my way into a dark exotic porn industry. Desperate for quick cash, I went for a  cast for photo shoot  and soon as I working as a Adult film performer. First was reality for new guy walking in from the street. And there was no one to help you out.  I didn't do well but later on had many other things in my favor, I manage to master that famous "money shot " and the rest came later, most guys didn't have that finish.

As a black male performer, many people didn't have an idea what  really  was happening in this industry, long hour's, very low rates were paid starting out , but we stayed because of the sex and the rock n roll life style. So its harder just to get out . Still not aware of the real dangers of the infections and HIV exposures years before us .

I worked in mainly pro-am starting out. I worked few standby scenes for other actor's without getting much credit. But I was getting better I learned how to stand out and be reliable for  talent and director's and have a great presence. [being marketable] soon I manage to overcome and stay in great shape during filming . As time passed, my horizons opened as a director and get on a small contract for a pro- am company...  " Big Butt Smash down" that originated in South America on a world trip to Europe and party.

Brazil was like a second home and working in interesting sex life overseas, I worked vigorously to develop the series and it worked for a short while. I keep everything close to what the fans really wanted. and Music to girls with curves and exotic locations overseas.

Now many years are passing by quicker then you could count. So many different new talent people are coming  in the porn industry. And the infection rates are  going through the roof. So many exposures of STD's.  We had few  a other HIV cases years before but  the porn business had on concerns.  It is just not talked about. No proper  medical or HIV/STD education or training.

If someone tells you  that they never got any infection in a life time unprotected sex at least once is full of crap. They are not really working. Anything with a condom at least one time you will get an infection and learn from that point to self medicate. " talking your own stash of antibiotics".

As an old school performer this was common practice. But still that was hurting yourself. we tested every 30 days but this  HIV test still could prevent the exposure of HIV. The test was only determined if you have the virus, nothing to prevent you from getting it and exposing others.

At the peek of my career I was just coming off my contract, over 300 videos and just becoming a director on contract. I was on top of the world from many years of failure before the porn industry. I contracted HIV while working and few women were infected that I worked with. I was contacted while at home via phone. No support no help and my new was public mainstream same time I was notified "horrible". I felt suicidal and depressed due to lack of education about HIV. So I headed south to escape the media and being crucified by my peers in porn and family.

I attempted  a suicide in Mexico, and was found several days later by  few strangers across the boarder. They helped to save my life. Same time I was fighting for my life, in San Diego California. The Lynch Mob porn industry was out for murder and my head. I was devastated and worried about those that were infected. But already I had the everyone on the war path to burn me to the ground.  I managed to get back in the San Fernando valley my apartment and just hide from the media for months.

I later learned more about HIV and the high risk exposures. Mainly about the porn industry. Over many years of HIV out breaks. I continued what ever I could by educating the public and community about the porn industry and the real side of that dark industry to reduce the spread of this infection and awareness of HIV/AIDS.  So I became a HIV/ STD counselor and tester. Phlebotomy state certified and working with Military Veterans on my off time to get back to our Los Angeles community and communities all over the world.

I am currently doing Public Speakings about my life and living with the stigma of HIV. And life after porn and staying healthy and Positive. I am available for open talks, via Radio, Television and Pubic speakings : I have much experience just goggle Darren James on you or online Public Speakings conference. or ,Lisa Ling- NBC DATELINE:Darren James.   booking:  Contact: 

Darren Edwards

a.k.a. Darren James

8 years Former Adult film performer;  Director/ Producer

Former US.Navy Veteran Honorable service. Navy Seabee's

Boxer/Mixed Martial Arts.